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Oklahoma State Board of Examiners for Long-Term Care Administrators

Welcome to the OSBELTCA website!  At the top of each page you will find the major groupings, targeted for different audiences primarily.  Follow those links to those general areas and find what you're looking for.  You can also put your mouse over the headings above the colored-buttons and have links directly to other pages revealed beneath them... or if on another smaller device, such as a smart phone or iPad or tablet, a navigation menu appears in the "menu" button  on the top right with 3 lines (some say it looks like, and therefore call it, a hamburger).  You can always come back here, too, by clicking on the "Oklahoma logo" in the upper left corner of any page.

OSBELTCA ensures that Oklahoma's Long-Term Care Administrators
are suitable and qualified to serve
and continue to serve in this profession.

OSBELTCA is recognized as an innovative leader and pioneer
in Oklahoma's healthcare continuum and has a positive impact
on both the health and well-being of the people of Oklahoma
and on the  Long-Term Care Administrator profession.

Integrity * Service * Professionalism

Our Staff:

Gaylord Z. Thomas
Executive Director

 Pam Duren
Administrative Programs Officer 
Nursing Facilities & ICF/IID
and Certified Assistants

Ginger Dean
Administrative Programs Officer 
Assisted Living, Residential Care
& Adult Day Care

We moved (April 1, 2017...yes, that long ago now). 
We're still in Shepherd Mall, but we moved UPSTAIRS...
If you know where we used to be (Suite 62), we're not far from there...
From there or through Entrance "A" (the Main Entrance on 23rd Street...
it says OSBELTCA in big letters VERTICALLY on the outside of this entrance)
you will see the stairs (or take the elevator)...go up to the 2nd floor. 
At the top of the stairs, you have to go "left" and you'll pass a
WIC office (glassed in) on the'll see a door marked,
"Staff Entrance" straight ahead and on the wall in big GOLD letters, 
"OSBELTCA" - the next door on the left (has glass)
is our main entrance.  Come on in!
If you get to a drinking fountain or public restroom, 
you went just a little too far!
Our phones have not changed...
Our emails have not changed...
Just our Suite Number - now 2H.

We actually have a pictorial of this description in a link at 
the bottom of every page... maybe that will help?

This web site offers current and vital information on long term care administrators licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators. The Board has made every effort to present this information in a correct, timely, unbiased format, but due to the changing nature of the Internet and other details, the Board disclaims any responsibility for any inaccuracies. Any inaccuracies that may be identified should be reported at once to any employee. 

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2021
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