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Access public procurement solutions with the tools and documents linked here.  Central Purchasing performs procurement functions and provides oversight of state agencies' procurement activities as defined by the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act (74 O. S. §85.1, et seq.), and ensures fair and equitable processes for procurement functions resulting in timely delivery of quality products and support services.

Purchasing Newsroom

Posted on Friday - January 17, 2020

State Bidders are hereby notified that, unless otherwise specified in the Oklahoma Open Records Act, Central Purchasing Act, or other applicable law, documents and information a Bidder submits as part of or in connection with a Bid are public records and are subject to disclosure after contract award pursuant to OAC 260:115-3-9. A public Bid opening does not make the Bid immediately accessible to the public. All material submitted by a Bidder becomes the property of the state and is subject to public information disclosure laws. No portion of a Bid shall be considered confidential after award of the Contract except, pursuant to 74 O.S. §85.10, information in the Bid deemed confidential by the State Purchasing Director or delegate.

Posted on Friday - January 17, 2020

In support of 74 O.S. §85.44E. Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Act, the State of Oklahoma Vendor Registration steps required for BID NOTIFICATION procurement registration have been updated to include additional questions to assist in the identification of state procurement vendors who meet the statutory definition of a service-disabled veteran owned business. Due to these changes, registered vendors and bidders are now required to update their online accounts.

Posted on Thursday - August 30, 2018

Every pen, sheet of paper, office building or vast land holding used or belonging to the state of Oklahoma and its agencies must be documented, paid for and accounted for eventually.  When an office chair or landing strip is needed, a purchase order or contract is arranged for procurement of the




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