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HR & Payroll Shared Services

The OMES HR/Payroll Shared Services Center provides a number of services for client agencies and employees. Our employees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to process HR and payroll transactions unique to each client agency. We have been a shared services provider for over 25 years, currently providing a full range of services for over 2500 employees in more than 60 agencies. Services include processing of all transactions affecting an employee's entire service life--from initial hire and benefits through final payment at separation and submission of retirement records.

Services Provided by the Payroll/HR Shared Services Center

  • HR-Recruitment: Complete HCM-92 Personnel Transaction Freeze Request and other required forms for hiring, post job announcements, review applicants, assist with interview questions, schedule interviews, interview candidates, background checks, and offer/welcome letters.
  • HR-Onboarding: New hire orientation; compile all necessary documentation to include HR, payroll and benefits forms.
  • HR-Employee Relations: Provide support and information to management, supervisors and employees regarding employee transactions, compensation, training, coaching, discipline, EAP, statutes, rules, strategic planning and other HR-related activities as requested, grievances/complaint management, complete forms (FMLA, Workers Comp, etc.).
  • HR-Separation: Advise and provide support and information to management, supervisors and employees, regarding separation of employment, compile all necessary documentation to include HR, payroll and benefits forms.
  • Benefits-Retirement: Retirement and SoonerSave Coordinator. Provide OPERS, Pathfinder, and SoonerSave information to employees, assist employees ready to retire, and compile necessary documentation.
  • Benefits-Insurance: Benefit Coordinator. Provide insurance information to employees; assist with questions regarding insurance benefits and flexible spending accounts, compile necessary documentation.
  • Data Entry: HR and payroll changes in PeopleSoft HCM, insurance changes in BAS, enrollment in OPERS, training in ELM, background checks in OSBI, recruitment in Job Apps, E-Verify.
  • Payroll Processing: Process payrolls, review and correct issues for accuracy, process time and leave, provide required reports to the agency.
  • Payroll: Answer garnishments, calculate miscellaneous payroll items (pro-rated longevity, insurance audits, etc.), and provide information regarding laws, rules and regulations pertaining to payroll and leave.
  • Special Projects: Includes but not limited to FLSA review, creating job descriptions, policy-writing.

Cost of Services

Rates are dependent on the services requested and the number of agency employees. For rates specific to your agency needs, please contact or 405-521-3258.


The State Employee section of the website provides resources related to healthcare, financial/leave, HCM resources, training and other resources. The information provided here can help employees and agency staff navigate through the various rules, benefits and programs available to state employees.


Last Modified on Aug 23, 2023
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