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Monthly Leases

Lease Request

In order to lease a vehicle from Fleet Management:

  1. Follow Monthly Lease process (OMES Policy FM-L001);
  2. Complete Request for Monthly Lease form (OMES Form FM-015M); and
  3. Submit the form electronically (preferred), or in person to Fleet Management at the time or prior to vehicle pick up.

Fleet Calculator Information

To learn more about the Fleet Calculator, follow the link: Fleet Calculator Information

Monthly rate and mileage includes:

  • replacement value of a vehicle
  • maintenance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • comprehensive and collision insurance

Monthly bill includes:

  • lease rate based on minimum 1,000 miles per month utilization
  • fuel cost
  • toll charges
  • incidental costs i.e. deductible for at fault vehicle damage, specific equipment or accessories installation

  • Liability [See 51 O.S. § 154(A)] (provided by agency standard liability coverage through Risk Management): The total liability of the state . . . on claims within the scope of The Governmental Tort Claims Act, arising out of an accident or occurrence . . . shall not exceed:
  1. Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) for any claim or to any claimant who has more than one claim for loss of property arising out of a single act, accident, or occurrence;
  2. Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, . . . to any claimant for a claim for any other loss arising out of a single act, accident, or occurrence. The limit of liability for the state . . . shall not exceed one Hundred Seventy-five Thousand Dollars ($175,000). . . .
  3. One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for any number of claims arising out of a single occurrence or accident.
  4. Risk Management’s Auto Liability Program provides insurance coverage to state employees while in the Scope of Employment only; it does not cover any individual failing to meet the definition of an employee under Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act.  (Refer to the following: 51 O.S. 151 et seq.; 51 O.S. § 152 (7)51 O.S. § 152 (12)51 O.S. 152.1 (A) and (B)51 O.S. 153 (A) and (B)51 O.S. § 155, specifically exemption 18 related to contractors.)
  • FMD Vehicle Physical Damage (provided by Fleet Management through Risk Management): Coverage is provided by Fleet Management and included in vehicle lease; however, loss caused by a driver may result in:
    • separate charges back to the agency (Risk Management policy deductible is $2,500.00)
    • additional constraints on a driver imposed by the Risk Management Division (defensive driving class within 6 months of an incident)

  • Comprehensive regular vehicle maintenance is included in the monthly rate.
  • Any additional service caused by agency vehicle customization requirements or driver negligence are subject to separate charges (OMES Policy FM-G001).
  • Monthly rate also includes one (1) regular car wash per month, more frequent services are billed.

The FMD lease rate does NOT include the cost of fuel. However, every FM-owned vehicle is provided a Fleet Card. Drivers must use Level 3 gas stations (OMES Policy FM-F001). Eligible fuel stations:

Every leased, FM-owned vehicle is equipped with a GPS device that reports vehicle performance and enables vehicle location when road assistance is requested.

Feature coverage for vehicles used for State business:

* Providing a driver complies with the conditions of the Driver Responsibility Certification.

** Liability insurance applies only to the extent the employee is in the scope of employment at the time of the accident; report accidents to the OMES Risk Management.

*** Vehicle Physical Damage (Comprehensive & Collision) coverage for accidents, theft, or natural disaster is not provided by the State for personal vehicles when the personal vehicle is used for state business.  If a driver desires to have a personal vehicle covered for physical damage (Comprehensive & Collision), the driver will need to purchase this coverage from a private insurance provider.

**** Fleet Management Division does not provide wrecker services for personal vehicles, even if used in the scope of employment.


Fleet Management Leasing
1915 N. Stiles Ave., Suite 304
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: 405-522-1204
Fax: 405-525-2682
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Last Modified on Jan 11, 2024
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