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Automatic Vehicle Locator

A February 2020 governor's executive order directed state agencies to complete an inventory of vehicles, and set a date of March 31, 2020, for agencies to schedule certain vehicles to be equipped with automatic vehicle locators, or AVL. The pandemic that year shifted focus from this effort.

In May 2023, Gov. Kevin Stitt issued an updated executive order that reinitiated the push to get the state's vehicle inventory under control and reasserted the call for AVLs. To assist state agencies in complying with the order, OMES will provide installation of the Geotab AVL device at no cost. 

To be eligible, vehicles must:

  • Be equipped with the standard 16-pin On-board Disgnostice Port II (OBD-II), generally model year 1996 or newer vehicles.
  • Be light- or medium-dut vehicles, such as sedans, vans, SUVs and trucks up to 350/3500 (one ton GVWR) with and OBD-II port.
  • Not have a Geotab device already installed, whether it is currently functional or not.
  • Not be scheduled for disposal within the next 90 days.

The installation team is not able to perform installations on vehicles that do not meet the eligibility requirements, such as buses and heavy-duty vehicles, and is also unable to perform troubleshooting on vehicles with a currently installed but non-functional Geotab device. Fleet Management will announce plans for addressing these situations in the near future.

Free AVL installation events are planned in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and other locations statewide. Upcoming events are: 

For planning purposes, we recommend agencies schedule all eligible vehicles residing within 100 miles of a site for installation during these free events. Agencies may have to pay for AVL installation on eligible vehicles that do not take advantage of these free installation opportunities.

Schedule installations easily online by clicking the appropriate link above and entering the following required information for each vehicle:

  • Driver’s first and last name.
  • Driver’s email address.
  • Driver’s mobile phone number.
  • Agency number (3 digits).
  • Agency name.
  • Unit number.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Vehicle operators will receive a confirmation email containing appointment details and links to installation site maps after booking. They will also receive a reminder the day prior to their appointment and on the day of the appointment. All hardware will be provided by the installation teams.

After installation, agencies will be billed $22 per vehicle, per month for monitoring. A schedule for agency administrator training on using the myGeotab web application is being coordinated with the vendor and may be scheduled through this link when ready. Interested parties may learn additional details about the Geotab system at

Last Modified on Mar 27, 2024