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Family-Centered Services

Family Centered Services (FCS) is a type of intervention offered to families to help children and families stay together after the investigation has identified safety concerns for the child. The goal of FCS is to maintain children’s safety while preventing them from being removed from the parents’ custody. OKDHS believes families are better together and works to keep families together when possible. This is one way OKDHS can do that.

  •  In a FCS case, Child Welfare continues to work with you and your family after the investigation is closed, but it was determined your family needs additional help in order for your child to be safe. OKDHS will help you recognize your strengths and improve your protective capacity while keeping your child safe and in your custody. This type of case is non-court involved, meaning your child remains in your custody.

What is a Safety Plan?
A Safety Plan is a written agreement between a family, safety plan monitor(s) and CWS that establishes how the safety threats to the child will be managed to ensure the child's safety.

  • You and the child will either have an In-Home or Out-of-Home safety plan you agree to abide by. An Out-of-Home safety plan requires the child live with an approved family member or friend until it is determined safe for them to return to your home. An In-Home safety plan allows the child to remain in your home with an appropriate safety plan monitor working with you and OKDHS.

What will I need to do? 
A Child Welfare Specialist will visit your home weekly and offer your family assistance and referrals to access community resources. They will also ensure your child’s safety at every visit.  
A service plan will be created with you to help improve your protective capacity and the safety of your child. 
You will work with the Child Welfare Specialist and service providers to change behaviors that made your child unsafe. 

  • How long is Child Welfare involved?
    An FCS case is six months or less and will still be overseen by Child Welfare Services. The length of the case depends on your families’ individual needs, and when OKDHS can safely close your case.
  • What happens if it is not successful? 
    If there are still concerns for safety or you fail to participate with Child Welfare Services, then another CSM may take place. If FCS has not been sufficient to keep the child safe, it is then possible for your case to become court-involved and for your child come into OKDHS custody.



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