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Oklahoma Human Services is for Oklahomans

Oklahoma Human Services helps more than one million Oklahomans each year across a wide range of services including food assistance, child support, child care, reporting abuse, disabilities services and caretaker needs among others.

Oklahomans help each other. It's in our nature. Oklahoma Human Services exists to make sure that when a person falls on hard times, they have a place to turn. Where we do not offer a program or assistance for a specific situation, we are committed to connecting the person in need with an organization that can help.

Be A Neighbor Network

Be a Neighbor is a resource from Oklahoma Human Services connecting Oklahomans in need with local non-profits that can help. Through Be A Neighbor, you can search specific needs (food, child care, etc) and find organizations in your community that you can reach out to directly for support.

Oklahomans can find local non-profits that help their specific needs.

Non-profit organizations become more visible to people in their local communities

Volunteers find impactful work, close to home

Want to see all the latest Oklahoma Human Services news and updates?