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Family Engagement in Your Case

Why family engagement is important

  • Children tend to have better outcomes when they are placed with kin.  Those outcomes include:
    • more likely to reunify with their parents,
    • more likely for siblings to be placed together, 
    • less likely to come back into OKDHS custody after reunifying,
    • more likely to remain in one placement, which is important for their needs such as education, and      
    • more likely to stay connected to kin.

How can my family be engaged?

  • After kin have been assessed, if they are safe, there are many things they can do for a child in OKDHS custody, including;
    • Providing placement – as discussed above, better outcomes for child;
    • Permanent connections – it is important to child to have relationships with kin;     
    • Support –a support system can help parents keep their child safe;
    • Family time – relatives can help with family time, also known as visitation; they can also spend time with the child themselves.

Family Meetings

  • A family meeting (FM) is a meeting hosted by an OKDHS facilitator that includes parents, caregivers, relatives, child welfare specialists, tribal partners, service providers, and other supports.
  • The purpose of a FM is to plan and make decisions together for the children and the family. It also involves and engages the family of the child in OKDHS custody and/or Family Centered Service case.
  • Anyone on the case, including you, can request a FM for any reason.
  • A FM should occur at least every six months but can be more frequent based on the needs of the family.    


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