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Accessing Benefits

Accessing an OKDHS custody child's SSI funds

Children receiving SSI cannot accrue more than $2,000 dollars, without losing their SSI benefits.

The Administrative Services Unit of Child Welfare Services (CWS) sends one monthly e-mail to field staff providing a notification when this limit is being reached.

In these cases, the child may prefer to purchase needed items rather than allowing the SSI money to be lost.

Procedures to access a child's SSI funds:

The child welfare worker should send a memo through intra-agency mail to the:

Child Welfare Services
Attention: Administrative Services Unit
Sequoyah Memorial Office Building 

Information in the request should include:

  • Child's name;

  • Child's Social Security Number or date of birth;

  • Caregiver's name and full mailing address;
  • Items the child wants or needs to purchase;
  • Approximate price of each item;
  • Total amount of the items.

Important information for workers:

  • Approval must be obtained before purchases are made;
  • The child may not purchase food, clothing or shelter as caregivers are already paid to provide those items;
  • The purchases must remain the child's property and stay with the child regardless of the placement;
  • Send purchase receipts to the CWS Administrative Services Unit staff person who sent the notice; and
  • Keep copies of receipts in the child's paper case file.
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