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Workplace Rights

ODOL regulates and enforces child labor laws, employment standards, and wage laws. The Employment Standards Division contains two units: Wage and Hour and Child Labor. The ESD’s Child Labor Unit helps ensure that young workers are safe in the workplace and may investigate businesses to ensure compliance with legal age, work permits, hours, times, and prohibited work standards. The ESD’s Wage and Hour Unit enforces Oklahoma’s protection of labor and minimum wage acts, and conducts investigations to determine whether employee compensation is owed and due. 


If you are an employee and believe your wages were unfairly withheld or an employer who needs information regarding Oklahoma employment, we are here to guide you through the steps to ensure your issue is addressed in a timely manner. Please view the links below for additional information.

Wage and Hour Unit

The Wage & Hour Unit serves as an advocate for Oklahoma's workforce. Employers are required to comply with all federal and state laws regarding compensation. This Unit investigates the validity of wage claims and vigorously pursues payment on behalf of employees when warranted. 

The Wage and Hour Unit assists Oklahoma workers in recovering earned and due wages and workplace benefits that have not been paid, are underpaid, or were not paid in a timely manner. Labor compliance officers investigate the validity of filed wage claims and assist in collecting all compensation due a worker including, but not necessarily limited to: salaries; commissions; holiday and vacation pay; overtime pay, in accordance with federal guidelines; severance or dismissal pay; bonuses; and other similar advantages agreed upon between an employer and employee.

Child Labor Unit (CLU)

The Child Labor Unit ensures Oklahoma employers are aware of state child labor laws for minors between the ages of 14-16, and are following federal child labor laws for minors between the ages of 16-18, through educational outreach, state enforcement efforts, and collaboration with the U.S. Department of Labor.  The Child Labor Unit enforces minimum age restrictions, the work permit process, hours and times standards, mandatory breaks, and prohibited occupations for minors. 

The Child Labor Unit (CLU) is responsible for educational outreach and enforcement efforts when it comes to the Oklahoma Child Labor Law. The youth employment laws regulate the legal age or employment, work permit process, hours and times standards, breaks, and permitted and prohibited jobs.

Last Modified on Mar 22, 2022
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