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Standing Committees and Councils

Standing Committees

Energy Resources, Research & Technology
A national forum, the Energy Resources, Research and Technology committee debates, studies and develops positions on economic, technical, research, technology transfer and safety issues that confront domestic oil and natural gas production.

Environment & Safety
An active national forum focusing on oil and gas environmental and safety issues, this committee gathers and distributes information on legislative and regulatory developments, technological innovations and effective approaches to environmental and safety management.

The committee provides leadership by remaining dedicated to these efforts as well as by discussing the impact of legislation and regulations, developing positions, and guiding states and industry through model statutes or regulations, handbooks or other appropriate means.

Legal & Regulatory Affairs
The Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee actively reviews legal and regulatory matters that impact oil and gas regulatory programs. The committee also fosters communication among jurisdictions, the oil and gas industry, the environmental community and other participants to address relevant issues.

Public, Coastal & Tribal Lands
Concentrating on issues pertaining to public, tribal and coastal lands in IOGCC member states, this committee works to ensure regulatory efficiency between the states and federal government by coordinating the requirements that govern petroleum exploration and development activities on public lands, while facilitating the discussion of significant issues related to the development of oil and gas resources in coastal and offshore regions.  We will work to enhance communication and consultation between state and tribal governments with a focus on increasing awareness of both economic benefits and the environmetnal impacts from oil and gas development.  The prudent stewardship of public funds and the elimination of duplication of regulatory efforts are hallmarks of the committee's function across all three primary aspects of its mandate.

Public Outreach
This committee educates the American public about our domestic oil and natural gas industry and the IOGCC. While issues publicly arise everyday concerning our nation’s oil and gas, Public Outreach strives to communicate the IOGCC’s role as the information and research authority on domestic petroleum resources.



Council of Regulatory Officials
The Council of Regulatory Officials acts in an advisory capacity to the Commission and is comprised of one representative from each state oil and gas regulatory agency. Members of the council meet biannually to discuss regulatory issues of mutual interest, and often develop best practices for regulatory oversight.

Council of Oil and Gas Attorneys
The Council of State Oil and Gas Attorneys aims to assist its member attorneys in the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to remain abreast of the most recent developments in oil and gas law as it pertains to the states' regulation of mineral resources.

Last Modified on Apr 18, 2024