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Strategic Plan


Fostering wise stewardship of domestic oil and gas resources.

  • Recommend measures for preventing physical waste and promoting efficient recovery of oil and gas.
  • Foster an understanding of oil and gas resources in relation to the economy and national security.
  • Support the lead role of the states in ensuring the responsible development of oil and gas resources.
  • Support sufficient funding of the state programs and services.

Environmental Protection

Protecting human health and safety and the environment while supporting responsible production and storage.

  • Assist states to identify, evaluate, and implement processes for continuous improvement of programs and services that protect human health and safety and the environment.
  • Support nationwide efforts to mitigate environmental risks.
  • Assist the states in development of programs for the safe storage and distribution of gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
  • Assist states to identify, evaluate and implement processes to document and properly plug idle and orphan wells, and to reclaim and remediate the well sites and associated facilities.


Engaging with members, the public, and policymakers through education, knowledge sharing, listening, and advocacy.

  • Provide opportunities for sharing information, viewpoints, and best practices.
  • Communicate with and inform the public about IOGCC and its member states, leveraging areas of concurrence and honoring areas of divergence between the states on energy issues.
  • Convey to Congress, federal agencies, states, and stakeholders the policies and positions adopted by IOGCC through the resolutions process.


Meeting challenges and seizing opportunities through innovation.

  • Drive the nation's energy future, particularly regarding oil and gas resources, by being a leader, convener, and collaborator seeking innovative solutions
  • Promote research and development of technologies for oil and gas recovery and environmental protection.
  • Timely identify and address emerging issues, including funding and storage and distribution.
  • Evaluate the contribution of oil and gas and related resources and technology as essential components of the future energy mix with reduced emissions.
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