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What We Do

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission assists member states in establishing effective regulatory practices to conserve and efficiently recover oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment.
The Commission serves as the collective voice of member governors on oil and gas issues and advocates states' rights to govern petroleum resources within their borders.
The Commission's various committees and workgroups initiate and sustain innovative projects with the sole purpose of advancing our nation's energy future. Comprised of member governors, state oil and gas regulators, industry and the environmental community, these committees work diligently to resolve issues surrounding the much-needed resources found in the United States.
The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission is the nation's only dedicated forum for governors, state appointees and key policy staff focusing on key oil and natural gas issues. Through the Commission, member states are able to:

  • Access resources nationwide for more effective practices, as well as lessons learned from other states grappling with similar issues;
  • Receive inclusive information about what is stirring in other states and in Congress;
  • Obtain assistance to initiate innovative programs or further develop and enhance current programs;
  • Learn about emerging national trends.

Identify and Share Best Practices

The Commission tracks, evaluates and disseminates information on state innovations and best practices by:

  • Surveying States on key issues and providing assessments of current activities for individual states;
  • Cataloging Innovative Programs and sharing this information via reports, briefs, and a variety of online and printed materials; and
  • Hosting Biannual Meetings to allow the exchange of information between governors, state oil and gas regulators, industry and the environmental community.
Last Modified on Apr 05, 2024
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