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Happy 1st Birthday!

No more baby food and bottles! Now that your baby is ONE, they can receive all these yummy foods and more from WIC! 

Child Standard Food Package (<24 months):

  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 36 ounces breakfast cereal
  • 1 container peanut butter or canned beans
  • 32 ounces whole grains/bread
  • $24 Cash Value Benefit (CVB)
  • 4 gallons whole milk
  • 2 containers (64oz) 100% juice

Practical tips on helping your kid eat well.
Nutrition education classes on meal planning, healthy snacks, picky eaters and more.
Referrals to other services such as pediatric and dental care, and social services. 

Don’t miss out on what WIC has to offer in year two!  Contact your clinic or click here to re-apply!

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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