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Getting back-to-school ready just got easier!

OSDH is committed to cultivating conditions by which Oklahoma children can thrive, and that includes supporting healthy children and healthy schools. Below you can order your child's birth certificate and request their shot records online. If your child needs to catch up on their vaccinations, find your local county health department to see how they can help.

Don't wait. Get the records and shots your child will need to make next school year a success.

Order Birth Certificates Online

Ordering birth certificates online is the fastest way to get your child's birth records before next school year.

See more tips & tricks, including if you need to make changes to a birth certificate, by clicking on the ABC's of Ordering Birth Certificates section below.

Request Shot Records Online

Search for your child's shot records through the Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS). You will need their name, date of birth, and the contact phone or email on your child's shot records. 

Contact your County Health Department

If your child is missing a necessary vaccine, contact your local county health department to learn more about vaccines they can provide so you can get your child back-to-school ready.

  • August is the busiest time of the year to order birth certificates. If you wait until the last minute, you may experience delays due to the incoming volume of other orders.

  • Order online or by phone: (877) 817-7364. Requests from a parent named on the record are typically issued in two (2) business days and arrive in the mail typically within a week.

  • The delivery option for records ordered online by a named parent, are typically processed in two (2) days and delivered by standard mail within a week. This avoids standing in long lines, parking costs and your time. For an extra charge, orders can be sent by express mail once processed. 
  • If you choose the "will call" option, you will need to schedule a time to pick up your child's certificate after it has been processed at one of three Vital Records offices throughout the state - Oklahoma City, Tulsa or McAlester.

Below are costs for ordering birth certificates or changes to birth certificates:
  • Birth certificate (with no changes): $15 search fee
    • One (1) copy issued, if birth record is found. Search fee is non-refundable if birth record is not found.
    • Additional copies: $15 each
  • Change or amendment to a record: $40 ($15 search fee + $25 amendment fee)
  • Online/phone convenience fee: $5 for Oklahoma residents (varies for non-residents)
  • Online/phone expedite fee: $20 (if applicable). 
    • Note: records requiring a change/amendment are not eligible for expedite services.

  • Applications should be placed by a parent named on the record. If the order is placed by someone else, additional documentation will be required.
  • Applications should be completed in full without abbreviations or blanks.
    • Don’t forget to include parental middle and mother’s maiden name (last name prior to first marriage).
  • Double-check and review the form before submitting to make sure the information is correct, i.e. look for typos or make sure you didn't accidentally use another child’s birthday.

  • Check the status of online/phone orders by calling (866) 203-2777.
  • Check your email. Vital Records will reach out to you with questions or to let you know when your record is ready for pickup.

Requests for amendments/changes to birth certificates are currently experiencing processing delays. We recommend you take your child's birth certificate as it is (or order another copy as it is) with documentation that demonstrates the correct spelling with you to the school. Follow up on a request an amendment/change during a less busy time of the year.

Paternity requests are experiencing processing delays at this time. We recommend you take the birth certificate as it is and the completed Acknowledgement of Paternity or a parentage order from the court that officially recognizes the second parent with you to the school. Follow up with paternity-related requests for birth certificates during a less busy time of the year.

All children two months of age and older must present an immunization record or file for an exemption before they are allowed to attend child care or school in Oklahoma. Review our guide to immunization requirements for more information. 

Other Ways OSDH Supports Healthy Children and Healthy Schools

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