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Active Contractor Requirements

Bond and Insurance

After you have successfully passed your exams, your license will be inactive until the CIB receives proof of the bond and insurance listed below:

  1. An Active (Plumbing/Electrical/Mechanical) Contractor is required to carry a five thousand dollar ($5,000.00) Corporate Surety Bond payable to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board with original signatures, seals and Power of Attorney attached.  The bond must be in the individual license holder's name. The bond must be continuous and provide for thirty- (30) days cancellation notice.

  2. An Active (Plumbing/Electrical/Mechanical) Contractor must provide a certificate of insurance evidencing a minimum of $50,000.00 commercial general liability insurance in the form of a Certificate of General Liability.  The individual license holder's name must be on the certificate of insurance. The certificate holder is the Construction Industries Board.


  • All apprentice applications must have original signatures

  • All apprentice applications must be signed by an active contractor

  • Apprentices can only work in the following ratios:

    • Electrical Apprentices to Contractors - 3:1

    • Mechanical Apprentices to Contractors - 3:1

    • Plumbing Apprentices to Contractors - 3:1

Display of License

  • All Vehicles must display the firm name and the license number bearing the initials “OK” preceding that number.

  • Signs and license numbers shall be printed in letters and numerals at least two (2) inches high in conspicuous places on both sides of each vehicle in contrasting color.

  • Contractors must display this number on all advertising, contracts, and bids.

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2024
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