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OESC's Priority of Service and Veterans Employment Services provide the opportunity for transitioning service members and veterans to access multiple resources and services to succeed in today's job market. Eligible veterans and spouses also have access to one-on-one, personalized assistance to achieve their employment goals.

Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG)

The Jobs for Veterans State Grant is a US Department of Labor grant offered to states to provide personalized career services for eligible veterans and spouses. Our JVSG team is comprised solely of veterans, and are stationed throughout the state. As Veterans serving Veterans, our team comes with real world experience of transitioning from the military and entering the civilian workforce, while undergoing extensive training to understand the full array of resources and service available to veterans to succeed in the 21st century workforce.

You can view our Veterans Employment Services map to get connected to your nearest office and veterans representative.

Priority of Service

Part of receiving US Department of Labor grants includes offering priority of service to eligible service members, veterans, and spouses. This allows eligible individuals to receive priority access, or first access, to various services, resources, and other opportunities.


Volunteers of America: Oklahoma is the recipient of the Department of Labor's Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program (HVRP) grant, which aims to assist veterans in need with employment services, training, and career prep. More information on this program can be found HERE.

Veteran Hiring Preferences

Get help requesting priority referrals of protected veterans

Resources for Veterans

View resources and organizations available to veterans.

Priority of Service

Learn about programs and career opportunities where veterans are given priority

Veteran Job Clubs

Monthly hiring events for Veterans, where veterans can sit one-on-one with employers to ask questions, get resume feedback, and even be offered employment.