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Industry and Occupational Employment Projections

The Labor Market Information (LMI) Unit's Employment Projections (EP) program produces industry and occupational employment projections for Oklahoma statewide, as well as for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and Non-metropolitan Areas. Short-term projections cover two years, and long-term projections cover ten years into the future.

The interactive charts and tables below offer detailed information on the projected activity for many occupations. Data is available for the State of Oklahoma, and also by MSAs and non-MSAs.

Explore the data by using the tabs at the top of the frame. For more information, see the Tableau Guide.

The interactive charts and tables below offers detailed occupational information on the projected activity for many occupations in areas of employment, growth, annual average openings, median wages, and education requirements. 

Note: The MSA's wage data comes from 2020, while the statewide's wage data comes from 2018.

BLS Separations Methodology

Annual openings are projected using the BLS Separations methodology. This methodology was developed to capture a more accurate picture of the workforce and give BLS the ability to differentiate between workers who are leaving the labor force entirely (exits) and those who are changing jobs and leaving an occupation (transfers). Annual openings are the sum of the projected net change plus transfers plus exits (Openings = Projection Change + Exits + Transfers). Learn more by watching the video Understanding BLS Projections of Occupational Separations.

Short-Term Employment Forecast (2022-2024) Statewide

Long-Term Employment Projections (2020-2030) Statewide


Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Nonmetropolitan Areas for 2020-2030


Last Modified on Aug 03, 2023
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