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OESC exists to help build a robust and thriving business community for employers of all kinds. We’re here to attract, inspire, and support businesses big and small. Explore the following resources available to all of our valued employers.


If you have candidates who either refuse suitable work or employees who do not return to work when work is available, please report this to OESC by emailing More information can be found below.

Oklahoma has discontinued the Emergency Unemployment Relief for Governmental Entities and Non-Profit Organizations program as of June 30, 2021. Additionally, the waiver on Benefit Wage Charges for contributing employers expired on June 30, 2021.

Employee Separation

Learn more about employer responsibilities for employee separation, how to respond to an OES-617 or appeal a decision, and how to file a mass claim.

Find Workers

Post openings, search for qualified candidates, join local job fairs, and work with OESC to find your next employee.

New Hire Requirements

OESC is the designated state agency in Oklahoma to receive new hire reports. Learn more about what's required, where to send reports, and answers to many common questions.

Contribution Rates & Benefit Wage Charges

After an employee separates from employment, and their eligibility for unemployment benefits has been determined, employers are notified of benefit wage charges, which is used to calculate a company's annual contribution rate to the Oklahoma Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund.  Click the button below to learn more about how the annual rate and benefit wage charges are calculated, how to protest either, and what impact it means to your business. 

Refusal to Work - Employees & Candidates

If you have individuals who either refuse suitable work or do not return to work when work is available, please report this to OESC. If the individual is claiming unemployment benefits, this may be considered "refusal to work" and could potentially disqualify a claimant from receiving unemployment benefits. Employers may report this activity by emailing

If a claimant returns to work full-time, they may keep their unemployment claim open, but discontinue filing weekly claims. If a claimant returns part-time, they may continue to file their weekly claims but must report all gross earnings for the week they are earned to potentially receive a partial benefit. Eligibility for continued benefits is determined by the circumstances of each individual claimant. 

Email Notifications

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