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Federal workers impacted by a government shutdown may file for unemployment while temporarily unemployed; however, if backpay wages are awarded upon the conclusion of the shutdown, workers will be required to pay back unemployment benefits with interest.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Executive Staff

Trae Rahill
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Davis
Chief Innovation Officer

Michelle Britten
Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Chilson
General Counsel

Senior Staff

Jeff Fryer
Director of Communications

Lisa Hoelscher
Director of Human Resources

Cody Cox
Director of Field Operations

Matt Kitchen
Director of Adjudication & Call Centers

Lynn Gray
Director of Economic Research & Analysis

Jim Polly
Director of Unemployment Insurance

Kim Braddy
Director of Training & Targeted Populations

Christopher O'Brien
Director of UI Compliance & Integrity

Deanna Smith
Director of Tax

Deborah Goodwin
Director of Appeals

Bryan Childers
Director of Finance

Rose Peterson
Executive Assistant


David Reid, Chair
President, Vox Printing / Vox Packaging

Representing the Public
Term: 7/3/2019 to 7/2/2025

Traci Cook
Chief Accounting Officer, Ascent Resources

Representing Employees
Term: 7/3/2021 to 7/2/2027

Aaron Johnson, Member
Owner, Oasis Fresh Market | Founder, The Oasis Projects

Representing Employees
Term: 7/3/2021 to 7/2/2027

Dean Pennello
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Hilliary Communications | President, Optimal Financial Services

Representing Employers
Term: 7/3/2023 to 7/2/2029

Christy Rawlings
Managing Partner / Risk Manager, Prime Groups Inc. | Owner / Managing Partner, Dunkin Families LLC.

Representing Employers
Term: 7/2/2023 to 7/2/2029