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When an unemployment claim is filed by an individual, the employer is mailed an OES-617 "Notice of Application for Unemployment Compensation". Employers have 10 calendar days to respond to this notice to be considered an interested party and protest the claim. Employers are encouraged to use the Employer Response Form linked below, but may use their own formal correspondence as well. 

Submit responses via mail to Unemployment Service Center, PO Box 52006, Oklahoma City, OK 73152 or FAX to 405-962-7524.

Appealing A Decision

When an employer disagrees with a contribution rate or benefit wage charge, the first step is to submit a protest. Typically, protests will be sufficient to resolve matters; however, there may be cases where an employer disagrees with a decision on a protest and wishes to file an appeal. The Assessment Board at OESC will hear cases concerning employer unemployment tax accounts, such as: employer contribution rates, whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee, assessments of contributions or reimbursement payments, waivers of penalty or interest, and more.

Mass Claims

In some cases, employers may file a mass claim which will establish the initial claim on behalf of the claimant. Claimants will be required to file their own weekly certifications, but will not be required to register and search for work. To file a mass claim, employers must meet the certain requirements:

  • laying off 25 or more employees,
  • have a return to work date, 
  • return to work date must be eight weeks or less away

Detailed instructions for submitting a mass claim can be viewed via the button below. For questions about mass claims call 405-557-7244 or email