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Applications for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is available for those who were impacted by the severe weather that occurred on April 25, 2024 through May 9, 2024 in Carter, Hughes, Love, Murray, Okmulgee, Pontotoc, Osage and Washita counties. The deadline to submit a claim for DUA 4776 is July 1, 2024. Applications submitted after that date will be considered untimely unless the individual provides good cause for filing after the deadline. All individuals must file an unemployment insurance claim at For more information or questions, individuals can call the Unemployment Service Center at 405-525-1500 or visit one of the OESC’s field offices.

The Federal Bonding Program provides individual fidelity bonds to employers for job applicants who are deemed unbondable by commercial carriers. Bonds are issued in increments of $5,000, up to $25,000, and are available at no cost to employers or job candidates. The applicant is covered for the first six months of employment, but the employer may purchase additional coverage after this period if they desire.

What is Fidelity Bonding?

Many employers carry insurance to protect themselves against employee theft or dishonesty. Employees who handle money, valuable tools or goods are covered. This insurance is called fidelity bonding. When such commercial insurance is denied because of an individual’s background, the employer often denies a job to that person.

This is not cash-in-hand. This is an insurance coverage dollar amount.

Any "at-risk" job candidate is eligible for bonding services, including:

  • Ex-offenders & other justice-involved individuals
  • Individuals with a history of substance abuse
  • TANF or public assistance recipients
  • Individuals with poor credit records
  • Economically disadvantaged individuals with little or no work history
  • Individuals dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Anyone who cannot secure employment because they are not commercially bondable

For an employer to receive a federal bond, they must have extended a firm job offer to a job candidate that is qualified for the job. The job itself must offer steady work with a reasonable expectation of being permanent.

The bond does not cover liability due to poor workmanship, job injuries, or work accidents. It is not a bail bond or court bond for the legal system. It is not a contract bond, a performance bond, or a license bond sometimes needed to be self-employed.

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