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2021 Annual Conference


General Information

Council of Regulatory Officials
November 7, 2021
Chair: David Hardie

Status of Updated IOGCC Idle/Orphan Well Report
Hal Fitch, IOGCC Consultant

Special Features

November 7, 2021

Closed Loop Gas Capture
Sara Mitchell and Ryan Yarger, EOG Resources

Early Phase Execution for Carbon Sequestration Projects Today
Lloyd Hetrick and Ed Steele, Tetra Tech

Energy Resources, Research and Technology Committee

November 8, 2021
Chair: Lanny Schoeling
Vice-Chair: Adam Peltz

Update on ERRT Knowledge-Sharing Project - Portal
Kaitlyn Smith, IOGCC Technical Coordinator

Summary of 2020-2021 CCUS Webinars and Workshops for Regulators
Lanny Schoeling, VP Oilfield Innovation, NeoTek Energy

Remediation of Orphan Well Sites: Success is in the Science
Dr. Kerry Sublette, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa

Environment and Safety Committee

November 8, 2021
Chair: Leslie Savage
Vice-Chair: Robyn Strickland

An EPA Regulatory Update-The State of Play
Dr. Taimur Shaikh, Senior Policy Advisor-Energy, EPA Region 6

A Preview of the Updated IOGCC TENORM Guidance Document
Scott Winters, IOGCC Consultant

Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee

November 8, 2021
Chair: Reice Haase
Vice-Chair: Kimberly Wurtz

Natural Gas Production and Grid Reliability
Brian Kroshus, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner

Update on Litigation over Federal Executive Orders 
Brent Mead, Montana Assistant Solicitor General

Recent Developments in State Primacy
Kimberly Wurtz, Attorney, Wurtz & Associates

Public, Coastal and Tribal Lands Committee

November 9, 2021
Chair: Sara Longan
Vice-Chair: Virginia Hullinger

Oil and Gas Update from the New Mexico State Land Office
Greg Bloom, Assistant Commissioner for Mineral Resources

Public Lands and Communities
Sara Longan, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Dept of Natural Resources

Public Outreach Committee

November 9, 2021
Chair: Travis McCormick
Vice-Chair: Kaite Haarsager

The February 2021 ERCOT Grid Failure and Lessons
Gregg Goodnight, Retired Engineer, TRCS and CO2 Coalition

Advancements in CCUS
Erik Oswald, VP of Strategy Development and Advocacy, ExxonMobil

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