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2022 Annual Business Meeting


Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee

May 16, 2022
Chair: Reice Haase
Vice-Chair: Kimberly Wurtz

Class VI Primacy Working Group
Mark Layne, Technical Director, Ground Water Protection Council

Energy Resources, Research and Technology Committee

May 23, 2023
Chair: Adam Peltz
Vice-Chair: Todd Boesiger

DOE/National Labs/States Roundtable on Orphan Well Detection and Methane Emissions Quantification Technology and Practices
Andrew Govert, Methane Mitigation Technologies Division, Office of Resource Sustainability, Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, United States Department of Energy Hari S. Viswanathan, Los Alamos National Laboratory 

May 16, 2022
Chair: Adam Peltz
Vice-Chair: Todd Boesiger

Cost-Effective Plugging Technologies
Lloyd Hetrick, Carbon Capture Engineering Advisor, TetraTech

Approaches to Measuring or Estimating Methane Emissions
Natalie Pekney, Principal Investigator, National Energy Technology Laboratory

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