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Wells & Licensing FAQ

While OWRB staff are unable to predict with absolute certainty whether or not groundwater is available in a specific area, agency hydrologists can utilize available aquifer and water well yield data to assist citizens in identifying the locations most likely to produce sufficient well yields. The OWRB's Groundwater Well Record Search contains links to reported well logs that are often helpful in determining if an area has successful wells and how much they yield.

The OWRB's Groundwater Well Record Search connects to a database of monitoring well data and water well logs that indicate the first zone of water encountered and often depth to water of the associated well. The OWRB's Groundwater Monitoring & Assessment Program (GMAP), initiated in 2013, will greatly increase our understanding of the ambient quality and quantity of Oklahoma's aquifers and their interconnectivity.

The Groundwater Well Record Search features links to the OWRB's water well log database and monitoring well data. The well logs include information such as well completion date, depth to water, yield, and related details.

If there are wells on your property that do not appear in the Groundwater Well Record Search and you would like to register them, please complete the Well Registration Form.

Find a well driller or pump installer who is licensed to do business in Oklahoma.

Well spacing restrictions are 660 feet in alluvium & terrace and 1,320 feet in bedrock groundwater basins. These are well-to-well distances. Not all groundwater basins have spacing requirements and additional restrictions apply within sole source groundwater basins. Please contact OWRB water permitting staff for more information.

Last Modified on Sep 29, 2023