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The EAP is a cooperative effort between employees and employers, which offers employees and their families an opportunity to seek and receive assistance in resolving personal problems.

Many of these problems include family, financial, legal, emotional, alcohol/drug abuse, and health problems, which adversely affect safe and efficient performance on the job. The EAP has been developed to help employees deal with serious personal problems before they result in deterioration of health, family life, or job performance.
The EAP promotes early resolution of personal problems and encourages employees to seek assistance themselves before job performance is adversely affected. Employees can do this by discussing their problems on a completely confidential basis with their EAP.

What does it cost? No Charge - Using the EAP is an employee benefit. The cost of additional treatment services is discussed with employees through the use of the behavioral health benefit covered in all insurance plans. The EAP will assess, offer an appropriate referral, and follow-up as necessary.

This agency has a website with many resources available for all Oklahomans that need help learning about mental health issues, substance abuse and other addictions. There are also contact numbers for those experiencing a crisis in their life.

Last Modified on Nov 07, 2023
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