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Oklahoma Employee Assistance Program

To learn more about the program, receive confidential assistance, or to set up an appointment with an EAP representative, please contact the Oklahoma Employee Assistance Program at the numbers below:

Appointment Scheduling:


Mission Statement: The mission of the Employee Assistance Program is to empower state agencies and employees to build hope and resilience by educating and promoting positive mental health.

The Office of the Oklahoma Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a cooperative effort between employees and administration to help employees gain access to professional services in resolving personal problems. Our services are designed to be an “on-ramp” to other services. This means from the very start, the employee/family member is actively engaging in the next steps to identify coping strategies and needed resources for the employee or family member to move forward independently. This can either be by short-term services (5 visits or less) or linkage to resources, such as long term services outside our office.

There is no charge to the employee or family members for their assessment and referral services received from the EAP Office. The decision to accept help from the EAP is a decision that only the employee can make.

Eligibility: All state of Oklahoma employees and their immediate family members are eligible to participate in the Oklahoma EAP. Any employee or family member may contact the EAP Office at 405-248-9007 or through email at

Services: The EAP Office provides short-term interventions and resource referral assistance to state employees and their families seeking help with challenges related to mental health and/or substance use, emotional, gambling, marital, family relations, financial, work-related issues, stress, grief/loss or other personal problems. If you are unable to drive to the Oklahoma City area; EAP offers by phone and telemedicine appointments. EAP can also find resources in your area which include treatment centers, therapists, food banks, etc..

In addition, the EAP Office seeks to empower state employees and their families to make healthy lifestyle changes by providing information and opportunities to learn, grow, enrich their lives and overcome barriers to success. We work with state agencies to create a positive and flexible environment for employees and leaders to ensure overall well-being. As such, education and training on an individual and organizational basis are offered on topics including mental health in the workplace, suicide prevention, and mental health-promoting programs such as Mental Health First Aid®, as well as Wellness Coaching (e.g. tobacco cessation, weight management, worksite wellness, etc.).

Lastly, the EAP Office provides varying levels of Critical Incident Debriefing and Post-Vention efforts as a way to respond to and support agencies that experience traumatic events.

Process: Participation in the Employee Assistance Program is voluntary. Employees or family members can call the EAP office at 405-248-9007 to schedule an intake appointment to sign up for services.

Confidentiality: Individual services provided are kept in a strictly confidential manner. Only when an employee has authorized, in writing, the release of information to their supervisor will information be shared. Employee's contacts and discussions with the EAP Office are confidential and the right of an employee's privacy is protected by state and federal law.


  • EAP does not provide legal counsel. If you are looking for legal assistance, please contact the Oklahoma Bar Association at 405-416-7000 or Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma @ 1-888-534-5243.
  • EAP does not provide monetary payments. EAP can, however, provide you with resources in your community that may help. You can also call the Heartline @ 2-1-1 for resources in your area.
  • EAP cannot intervene on disciplinary hearing or actions, this includes complaints and grievances. EAP can provide you with counseling to help cope with the stress of the actions but cannot give you specific instructions on how to handle the issue.
  • EAP can work with the agency's human resource department for a failed urinalysis and helping employees or family members get into substance abuse or mental health treatment centers.
  • EAP does not have a psychiatrist or medical doctor on staff. EAP can offer you a list of psychiatrists in your area but the employee would be responsible for payment for utilizing these services.
  • If an employee or family member is in crisis please go to the nearest emergency room or crisis center. The staff member, employee, or family member can also call:
    • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-8255
    • HeartLine @ 2-1-1

Amanda has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2011 and has been working with the Oklahoma State EAP for six years. She works with adults and children who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression or those who have experienced trauma helping them gain the tools and resources they can use to combat these issues immediately. Outside of work she enjoys gardening, and watercolor painting. She also likes to go camping and hiking with her teenage son and entertaining her dog, Ace.

Sue is a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 20 years. Before she came to the EAP office, Sue worked in many settings including a community mental health center, youth and family services, private agencies, and in behavioral health units in both an adult and a children’s hospitals. Sue has worked with all ages - from preschoolers through senior citizens. In her spare time, Sue enjoys interacting with her five children and 12 grandchildren, sewing, crafting, gardening, and having fun in the kitchen.

Jill serves as the Manager for the State of Oklahoma’s Employee Assistance Program. She’s worked for the ODMHSAS since 2006, with experiences in direct care and administrative positions. Jill has worked closely with thousands of individuals living well in recovery through the Peer Recovery Support Specialists program and has intimate experience with what strong role models of recovery looks like for many walks of life. Jill enjoys spending time with her Golden Doodle, Kya and long walks on the prairie.

Amber Rose has served in a variety of public service roles since 2010. Through her work with EAP, Amber helps empower employees by first connecting with them and then re-framing their mindset of mental health. She assists state employees and their family members identify local resources and helps them navigate the processes along the way. Amber holds a BA in Psychology and is trained in various mental health specialties. She is a mom of 4 and knows the struggles that life can throw at anyone of us unexpectedly. In her spare time, Amber likes to Netflix and chill.

Contact Information:

Jill Amos
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Amber Rose
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