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Oklahoma Trauma-informed Care Taskforce (TIC-TF)

Implementing a coordinated approach to prevent and mitigate trauma

Oklahoma Systems of Care Annual Evaluation (2020)

Evaluation report provided by the eTeam at the University of Oklahoma OUTREACH

Community of Care 2014-2018

Evaluation report on an initiative between OKDHS and ODMHSAS

Profile of Oklahoma Systems of Care Clients 2015-2017

Demographic breakdown and gaps in services for the OKSOC

Co-occurring Substance Use and Behavioral Health in an Integrated System of Care (2015-2017)

focusing on substance use based on SOC client data over an approximately three-year period 2015-2017

Wraparound eLearning Course Overview

How Wraparound is implemented at the child and family level.

Oklahoma Beer Purchase Study (2015)

The purpose of the purchase survey is to determine who is selling beer to minors and how often this is occurring in the state of Oklahoma

Evaluation of the Care Management Oversight Project (2011)

An external evaluation of the Care Management Oversight Project

Oklahoma Healthy Transitions Initiative Study (2015)

Conducting a systemic review of the Oklahoma Healthy Transitions Initiative (OHTI)

Oklahoma Youth Crisis Mobile Response

Youth Crisis Mobile Response provides rapid, community-based mobile crisis intervention services for children, youth, and young adults up to the age of 25 who are experiencing behavioral health or psychiatric crises.

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