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Consultant Registration

CAP maintains a registry of design consultants, which serves as the pool of firms available for selection for state agency projects.

Architects, landscape architects, engineers, land surveyors and other design consultants interested in providing services to the state are invited to submit a completed CAP Form M254 - Consultant Registration Questionnaire annually to be included in the selection process. 

Construction managers interested in providing services to the state are invited to submit a completed CAP Form D305 - Construction Manager and Design-Build Registration annually to be included in the construction manager selection process.  

Consultants and construction managers who have previously registered with CAP are invited to review their information currently on file to verify that the information is complete and accurate.

Registration using the CAP Form M254 - Consultant Registration Questionnaire or CAP Form A305 - Contractor Qualification Statement is valid for 1 year.

  • The below files list each firm that submitted a CAP Form M254CAP Form D305 or CAP Form A305 during the last 13 months.

  • The listing shows the last submittal date, which is the date the form was received in the CAP office.

  • Check the submittal date to determine if the CAP Form M254 or CAP Form A305 is expired or about to expire.

Consultant, CM, DB Firms List

It is the consultant's responsibility to provide an updated form annually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Construction and Properties by phone at 405-521-2112 or email at

Regulatory Services

CAP’s mission is to assist state agencies by contracting for design and construction services following the statutory requirements in Title 61 and according to the rules promulgated by CAM (OAC 260:65).
Pursuant to the Public Building Construction and Planning Act, CAP awards and administers consultant and construction management contracts, as well as contracts for construction (61 O.S. §208). Note that consultants and construction managers are selected according to the provisions of 61 O.S. §60 - §65, and construction contracts are awarded following the provisions of the Public Competitive Bidding Act of 1974 (61 O.S. §101-138). The term “consultant” includes architects, engineers and other recognized consultants that may be necessary to plan a construction project (61 O.S. §61). The term “construction” generally means the process of planning, acquiring, designing, building, equipping, altering, repairing, improving, maintaining or demolishing any structure or appurtenance thereto including facilities, utilities, or other improvements to any real property (61 O.S. §202).

Consultant Selection and Contracting

CAP is also mandated to administer the process for the selection of design consultants and construction managers. A registry of consultants and construction managers is maintained at the CAP office for distribution to State (using) agencies. A solicitation is sent by CAP to all consultants registered in the required professional discipline. A Project Manager from CAP is also assigned to the using agency to assist the selection committee in the process of screening and interviewing the candidates. The selection is made based on qualifications and criteria as set forth in the solicitation. Fees are not discussed until negotiations begin with the highest ranked firm. The Office of Management Enterprise Services director or designee signs all consultant and construction management contracts on behalf of the State.
Last Modified on Feb 29, 2024
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