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Bids & Drawings


Important Bidding Document Information
Download project bid documents and submit online bids. (Link opens in new window.)

Bidding Documents

Bidding Documents - Bidders shall use complete sets of bidding documents obtained from the source indicated in the solicitation for bids. Neither the owner nor the consultant assumes any responsibility for errors or misrepresentation resulting from the use of incomplete sets of bidding documents.

Bid Forms

Only bid forms from the CAM/CAP project manual shall be used for bid submission.


Notifications of addenda will be sent by e-mail to all who are known by the Construction and Properties department to have received a complete set of bidding documents from CAP's Online Plan Room, accessible through the CAP website.

Construction Bidding and Contracting

While CAP has the statutory responsibility to issue bid solicitations and award all construction contracts, regardless of size, on behalf of state agencies, CAP also has the latitude to assess the ability of state agencies to prepare solicitations and receive written bids for minor projects (OAC 260:65-1-3). By policy, CAP encourages all state agencies to make certain direct contract awards and solicit bids for minor projects according to the acquisition thresholds stated in the Public Competitive Bidding Act of 1974 (61 O.S. §103):

  • < $100,000 State Agency issues solicitation and accepts written bids, then sends their requisition and procurement documents to CAP for contract award. Guidance and forms are found in CAP Form M800 - Procedures & Forms for Bidding Projects Under the Statutory Limit .
  • < $10,000 State Agency may contract directly with any suitable contractor, and pay with a direct PO or via P-card. CAP Form A105 is a one-page contract for agency use in this situation. Proof of insurance is also required.

CAP is available to provide assistance with these small procurements if an agency does not have the necessary in-house resources.

For projects over the statutory amount (currently $100,000 per 61 O.S. §103), CAP stores all projects on the online bidding platform Bid Express and advertises in the local newspaper. Bid documents are free to review and download. Vendors need to register on Bid Express to view the project and their documents. Bids are submitted online and will be opened on the designated day specified in the bid solicitation. A bid tabulation is then prepared and sent to the using agency for review. Upon approval by the using agency, CAP awards the contract to the lowest responsible bidder.

Last Modified on Dec 06, 2023
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