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Public Service Announcements

Descriptive Transcript: DRS Helped Me

This video only shows four individuals all sitting for the camera. 

A man: “Oklahoma DRS helps jobseekers with disabilities become taxpayers.”

A second man: “Their whole thing is to help people with disabilities go back to work.”

A woman: “They knew that I would be successful if I did not give up.”

A second woman: “They have given me the power and confidence to face any challenge.”

The second man again: “I am just glad you know DRS was there. Empower yourself. Talk to DRS Vocational Rehabilitation…”

First woman: “or Services for the Blind today. Oklahoma Rehabilitation Services,, 1-800-487-4042.”

Descriptive Transcript: Do Things Differently

The camera focuses on a green apple in a bin full of red apples. A hand comes into the frame and picks up the green apple.

Voice over of a man comes in with “More than 600,000 Oklahomans have disabilities.”

The man is then shown holding the apple with a younger man smiling very big and he says “We can't afford to leave great employees behind just because they do things differently.”

The camera cuts to a blind woman holding a white cane with people behind her using screen magnifiers computers and she says “Who we are….”

Then the camera cuts to a deaf man using sign language with the voiceover from an interpreter “and what we accomplish are much more important.”

The camera then cuts to a man in a coffee shop with a young woman with developmental disabilities and he says “Hire an Oklahoman with a disability and gain dependability, commitment and lower turnover. Reach out. Oklahoma Rehabilitation Services,, 1-800-845-8476.

Descriptive Transcript: Vocational Rehabilitation and Services for the Blind

[A man who is blind with a service dog]

Man #1: Does your disability make it harder to find a job?

[A woman who is deaf signing]

Woman #1: Yes, absolutely!

[A woman with two lower leg prosthesis]

Woman #2: DRS can help. DRS is Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.

[A man using sign language with a DRS Tee Shirt, sitting behind a desk with a client in the office]

Man #2: DRS empowers job seekers with disabilities

[A woman in a DRS Tee Shirt helping a person who is blind using a white cane]

Woman #3:-who really want to work.

[Two men in a store with rugs around them, the boss says]

Boss #1: So employers like us really want to hire them.

[A group of people, two men and one woman signing using ASL and one woman with a white cane]

Group: Now we're taxpayers.

Man #1: Contact DRS.

Man #3: DRS can help.

[DRS logo with phone number and website sliding in]

Female Voice Over: Contact DRS, 800-487-4042 or

( Female Announcer): OK DRS presents, "Dream Big."

Suli: My dreams are to be in the entertainment business.

Robert: My dream is to have me a car,a house, go off to college for business management.

Urooj: To go to college to study graphic design and get a real job.

Christian: Move out of my parents' house and live on my own.

Nathan: Get married some day, have a family.

Emileen: To become a director in the future, go back to school, make a lot of money hopefully.

Michael: My dream is to become a master chef and own my own restaurant.

Katie: I'd like to become a college professor and teach psychology.

(Anncr): What is Transition?

Katie: There's a cool DRS job program called Transition.

Michael: It's only for high school students with disabilities.

Emileen: They help you with a lot. They help you how to do resumes. They help you how to do interviews.

Christian: You get ready for the real world.

Emileen: And figure out what we need to do in life and find where we fit.

Robert: It might be little skills I'm learning, but those skills all add up to something great.

Katie: Transition is about freedom-freedom I get when I work and earn money.

(Anncr): What do you do?

Christian: I enter warrants into the computer and help catch criminals.

Suli: I get to arrange flowers for the country club and that's really exciting.

Nathan: People need important documents and I find them.

Katie: I get to help create audio books for people who have issues with their eyes.

Robert: I'm helping my company make a good first impression.I create business cards, letterheads, notepads.

Emileen: I digitize records so oil fields can have access to them online.

Michael: I'm a cook at Chesapeake and I make the best omelettes in town!

(Anncr): What is the best thing about your job?

Christian: The best part about my job would have to be meeting new people.

Urooj: I fit in, and I'm part of the team.

Robert: I got skills. I got to meet people.

Suli: We get a paycheck. I'm sure everybody enjoys doing that.

Katie: The best thing is not having to explain my issues and just kind of being accepted for it.

Michael: They treat me like everyone else.

Nathan: My boss is really cool and easy to work with.

Emileen: I say my coworkers, because they feel like a family to me. They help you with anything you need.

Katie: If I do something wrong, they help me get it right.

(Anncr): Dream big!

Katie: Are you a high school student with a disability?

Emileen: You have to go out there and figure out, "Where do you go? Where is your place in life?"

Suli: I think everybody should sign up for the DRS program.

Michael: It feels, it feels really great.

Emileen: We're all unique in our own certain way. And just be you.

(Anncr): Call the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services at 1-800-487-4042. Or visit

Copyright 2014
Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Urooj Ali,
Suli Hargrave,
Robert Jeffery,
Katie Loman,
Michael Lofties,
Christian Lunow,
Nathan Madison,
and Emileen Pinon

Thanks to: Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and Trochta's Flowers

Descriptive Transcript: VR and SBVI 2019

A person holding a cell phone for the camera. On the phone a video is playing.

A young African American male: Nobody would hire me.

A female medical person: Until DRS made the job search about my skills not my disabilities.

A young white male: They built my confidence with training and technology.

A white male using sign language: Now I am a taxpayer and I do not need government help.

African American male: Are you an Oklahoman with a disability who really wants to work?

Voice over: Contact Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services. 800-487-4042 or

Descriptive Transcript: Business Services Program

Mitch Stubenhofer, Senior Director of Operations, Oklahoma City Dodgers: Do you need to hire skilled employees who really want to work?

Brenda Burgess, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Southwestern Oklahoma State University: Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services can help!

Roger Vance, Manager of Laboratory Services, OSU Medical Center: Get tax incentives.

Brugess:  And Free training.

Stubenhofer: It makes sense to hire an Oklahoman with a disability. 

Vance: And if you need help, DRS has your back!  

Burgess: Connect with DRS Business Services Program. 

Vance: They are READY to serve you.

Voice over: 1-833-OKDRS4U or

Image of DRS Logo.

Descriptive Transcript: You Love to Read

Female Voice Over: You love to read and can’t imagine a world without books. And you don’t have to. Even if you have a vision impairment or disability that makes reading difficult. You can still tame the west with Louis L’Amour -- fall madly in love with Romeo and Juliet – and help a young wizard named Harry explore a magical world. The Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped has thousands of free audiobooks to loan. To find out more, call 1-800-523-0288. Brought to you by the Oklahoma Department for Rehabilitation Services.

Video Description: A teenage girl opens a book with large print and imagines animated images that leap off the pages, including a rocket, sheriff’s badge, magical wand, and walking cowboy boots with spurs. She smiles. The pages of an open book grow larger until printed words fill the screen. The words get blurry. A man imagines an illustration of a cowboy with a rifle on a horse on the range. The illustration turns into video and the cowboy cocks the rifle. A young woman imagines an illustration of a young man and woman in medieval costumes. The illustration comes to life as he gives her a rose. A teenage boy imagines an illustration of a boy wearing a wizard’s robe with a magic wand in an old library with historic architecture. The video comes to life as the boy in the robe shoots sparks from his wand. A digital book player and cartridge appear with the words The Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Twenty-five digital cartridges appear with the words 1,000 X 1,000 X 1,000 of Free Audiobooks. DRS logo. Opening Doors to Opportunity, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, 1-800-523-0288.

Descriptive Transcript - Enterprising Oklahomans

Video: One hand transfers dollar bills to another hand. A smiling business owner who is legally blind speaks to customers waiting in line at a snack bar. Fingers type quickly on cash register keys. A woman gives change to a customer at the snack bar counter. A hand slides a credit card through a machine. The business owner stocks candy and chips in a vending machine. He trains the woman to operate a machine in the snack bar kitchen.

Announcer: Oklahoma’s Business Enterprise Program has helped hundreds of blind business owners operate excellent food service businesses.

Video: Several black and white historic photos are shown. An African-American man stands at a snack bar counter with items behind him on shelves. A sign in the background says, “Supervised by Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Blind Operator H. B. Berry.” Another photo shows a man and woman stand behind a counter with a cash register and items for sale. The last photo is a sign that says “OKLA. COMMISSION for the BLIND Provides EMPLOYMENT for the SIGHTLESS.”

Announcer: Good jobs. New taxpayers. Serving the public in government buildings for eighty years.

Video: The business owner man walks outside. He and a woman talk and laugh behind the snack bar counter. He signs a check. The man speaks on camera outside.

Matt Jones: I’m just really glad to be working again and providing for my family. For me, the Business Enterprise Program is not just a job. It’s my life.

Announcer: Visual Services and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services. 405-523-4800.

Enterprising Oklahomans Descriptive Audio

Descriptive Transcript: AT Connects Talent with Opportunity

Video: A businessman in a power wheelchair speaks with another person in the hall. A woman holds an open book under equipment that enlarges text on a computer screen.

Announcer: When employers hire jobseekers with disabilities, technology connects talent with opportunity.

Video: A man at a workbench, puts a drill through a loop hanging from the ceiling and works on a project. A woman writes with a device that grips her pencil.

Announcer: It’s easy. DRS helps you match qualified workers with jobs you need to fill.

Video. Woman uses a device strapped to her hand to tap on a keyboard and manipulates a buttons on a large mouse pad. A man talks to his computer to do his work.

Announcer: Technology maximizes their performance.

Video: A woman in an office uses sign language to communicates with another woman via computer. A woman enlarges text on a menu with a hand-held device. A cash register drawer with cash opens.

You get employees you can count on. And that improves your bottom line.

Announcer: Contact the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services at or 800-845-8476.

AT Connects Talent with Opportunity Descriptive Audio:

Descriptive Transcript: We Make Life Easier

Audio: Experience shows us there's more than one way to get the job done. If you have a disability that makes it tough to get or keep a job, DRS can help. It could be new technology or doing things a different way. The solution could be easier than you think. Ask the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services about Assistive Technology. Go online at or call 1-800-845-8476.

Video Description: A senior man in a wheelchair rolls past farm equipment. A hand moves a mouse. A woman’s face appears on a screen. A young man in a wheelchair quickly uses a ramp to enter a van. Wheels on a ramp fill the screen. A woman at a desk turns to face a computer screen. Equipment lifts a man in a chair to the seat of a tractor. We look over a woman’s shoulder at large text on a computer screen. She smiles and laughs. The man rises on the chair lift to the tractor seat. The tractor drives forward. We see another man’s face. The man is driving a vehicle. The camera moves down to show his hand on the gear shift. DRS logo. Opening Doors to Opportunity, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, 1-800-845-8476.

Descriptive Transcript: Do Things Differently

More that six hundred thousand Oklahomans have disabilities.

We can’t afford to leave great people behind just because they do things differently.

WHO they are and WHAT they accomplish is much more important.

Hire an Oklahoman with a disability – and gain dependability, commitment and lower turnover.

For more information, call the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services toll free at 1-877-739-4319.

Descriptive Transcript: Ticket to Work: "Hand Up"

Note: This video is a mix of live-action of people with what looks like a pencil-drawn background.

Video: A man in a suit and tie stands in front of a building with U.S. and Oklahoma flags.

Announcer: Oklahoma employers can get cashback --

Video: Drawings of dollar bills stack up in the smiling employer’s hand.

Announcer: "-- lower employee turnover -- "

Video: Six employees performing various office tasks. One answers the phone. One writes on a clipboard. One files paperwork. Another uses a copier. One uses a computer and two discuss a document.

Announcer: "-- and major tax breaks for hiring qualified workers with disabilities."

Video: A drawing of a document titled "tax bill" breaks in half and disappears.

Announcer: "They become taxpayers. You get good people who really want to work."

Video: The employer stands in the middle of 10 employees. The camera goes by each employee.

Announcer: "And the Department of Rehabilitation Services does the paperwork."

Video: A woman seals a large envelope and puts it in a mail basket.

Announcer: "Give somebody a hand up — not a handout."

Video: DRS logo with "Opening Doors to Opportunity" and "Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services."

Announcer: "Contact Ticket to Work. 866-882-4515 or"

Video: 866-882-4515 or

Descriptive Transcript: Freedom of Choice

Voice Over: When you have a disability, freedom means having the same opportunities as everybody else.

Let DRS open the door to employment and a better life.

We help you evaluate skills, pick a career, prepare for it and go to work. Earn a paycheck. Get the freedom to afford the choices you want to make.

Call DRS: 1-800-487-4042.

Descriptive Transcript: Talk to DRS, radio spot

Are you unemployed because of a disability? Now is the perfect time to talk to us. We’re the state employment agency for Oklahomans with disabilities. We’re D-R-S the Department of Rehabilitation Services. Don’t face disability alone. Get free career counseling and a cool job. Call D-R-S today at 1-800-487-4042.

Descriptive Transcript:

Sometimes words change… and people can’t see them. Letters get mixed up. Pages are difficult to turn. We can help at the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. We mail free books on tape to Oklahomans who can’t read regular print because of vision, learning or physical disabilities. Make every word count. Call the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped at 800-523-0288.


Descriptive Transcript: Jumpstart Vision Training

Don’t let vision loss steal your independence.

Get free training from Visual Services to help make the most of your remaining vision.

Learn new ways to take care of your home and remain independent.

1st Woman: I can just see a busier life for me. A life with more fulfillment in it.

2nd woman: It’s going to change my life because I’ll be able to do more things.

Call the Department of Rehabilitation Services toll free at 1-800-845-8476.

Descriptive Transcript: Dream Big - Transition

Video shows a young man holding a white cane with appears to be notebook paper in the background with Big plans, 1. cool job, 2. freedom, 3. my own place written on it.

He says "I have big plans for life after high school."

A young woman in a wheelchair, with the notebook paper with a doodle of college diploma. She says "I'm going to get my college degree."

A second young man with a cochlear implant in front of notebook paper with a drawing of his company building. He says "I want to start my own company and help other people succeed."

First young man, smiles and laughs on camera with a piggie bank drawn on the notebook paper. He says "I need a good job to get what I want."

The background changes to say DRS plus you equals success. First young man continues "So I signed up for the DRS Transition program."

The second young man says "They helped me get a great job and improve my skills for the future."

The young woman says "They helped me believe in myself and my abilities."

(Anncr) Are you a high school student with a disability?

Call the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services at 1-800-487-4042.

Descriptive Transcript: First Option

Note: Eight different video images move on the screen at the same time.

Announcer: "Every child deserves a GREAT education."

Video: Students using microscopes, teachers and students signing, writing in blanks on a form, young teens smiling, boy with thick glasses.

Announcer: "The School for the Deaf in Sulphur and School for the Blind in Muskogee offer challenging academic programs"

Video: Fingers reading braille, text overlays for printed text, students playing musical instruments.

Announcer: "-- AND customized training."

Video: Boy and girl walking, large group playing basketball, signing in class.

Announcer: "Students can attend class on campus. Or we bring assistance to your local school."

Video: Students eating lunch, shooting pool, seated and bouncing on large balls in a gym, walking in the halls, studying, playing video games.

Announcer: "Our students have FUN and they GET READY for college work and a bright future."

Video: Students working at a restaurant, sewing on a sewing machine, chopping celery, making a bed, getting an eye exam and walking with an adult.

Announcer: "Don't let hearing or vision loss limit your child."

Video: Teacher with students in a circle, using a braille writer, signing in class, close-ups of faces.

Announcer: "Call 800-845-8476."

Video: DRS logo with text "Opening Door to Opportunity" and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services and 800-845-8476.

Descriptive Transcript: Why We Came

Young girl: I love to read!
High School boy: I’m the quarterback!

Various students: The Oklahoma School for the Blind and the Oklahoma School for the Deaf have high academic standards, outreach programs and free specialized training. Stuff we can’t learn anywhere else! Find out more, call the School for the Blind at 1-877-229-7136. Call the School for the Deaf at 1-888-685-3323. Brought to you by the Oklahoma Department for Rehabilitation Services.

Video Description: The public service announcement shows multiple images that look like a scrapbook with text and graphics on the pages. 

Screen #1 shows several images of a young girl. A video of her says, “I love to sing!” 

Screen #2 shows an OSD football player. A video of him says “I’m the quarterback!” 

Screen #3 shows images of fingers on braille, a trophy, OSB cheerleaders, and a teenage boy with sunglasses and a white cane who says “The Oklahoma School for the Blind.” 

Screen #4 shows a young student with glasses, a cheerleader, a young girl and young boy signing, and a teacher and student playing a card game in a classroom with the words “The Oklahoma School for the Deaf.” 

Screen #5 shows students in a science lab, a student looking through a microscope lens, a teacher and four students with braille typewriters, fingers typing on the braille typewriter and a video of a student who says “high academic standards.” 

Screen #6 shows an adult giving a student an eye exam, a girl making a bed, male students studying in the library, an OSD cheerleader, a boy and girl walking, a girl working at a pizza restaurant, students playing basketball with the words “Outreach Programs.” 

Screen #7 shows an adult training a student to walk with a cane. A student wearing sunglasses closely reading a computer screen. Two students in chef hats preparing food and hands cutting celery. Two students with a teacher in a computer lab and a student in sunglasses who say the words “Specialized Training”. 

Screen #8 shows an OSD cheerleader signing, two cheerleaders performing, OSB band students playing horns, a student using an iPad and braille device, fingers reading braille on a keyboard, a teenage girl with glasses and the words “Just for Us.” 

Screen #9 shows OSB Jazz Band students playing horns, a young girl waving a sheet of paper, fingers reading braille, a boy with sunglasses and a video of a teenage girl who says words that also appear on screen: “Call the Oklahoma School for the Blind at 1-877-229-7136.” 

Screen #10 shows a boy with a hearing aid, a teacher helping a student write on the white board, a girl signing in a classroom and a student who signs, “Call Oklahoma School for the Deaf at 1-888-685-3323.” DRS logo. Opening Doors to Opportunity, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Descriptive Transcript: Entitlement to Taxpayer

Graphic of the state of Oklahoma with pictures of people with disabilities working.

A female nurse walks into a patient's room.
(Anncr) More Oklahomans are getting off Social Security disability and going to work than ever before. They get help from DRS.
And taxpayers save more than $15 million dollars every year.

A businessman in a wheelchair talking with a woman in an office.

Businessman: "DRS helped me train and get paid for the work I do..."

Nulse: " I don't need a disability check anymore."

An instructor in a classroom: "And now I'm a taxpayer rather than someone on disability benefits."

(Anncr) If you get disability benefits and want to work, call the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services:
1-866-882-4515. Together, we make it happen.

Descriptive Transcript: White Cane Safety

Blind man on camera: I take a walk of faith every time, I step off that curb. It’s only 50 feet, but I tell you, it feels like 50 miles. I’ve had so many near-misses, I’ve lost count. The worst thing, a blind man there in the crosswalk with no where to go.

Voice Over: Be aware when you’re behind the wheel. Look for the white cane. And stop your car fifteen feet away from a blind person in the roadway. That’s the law.

Man: Remember, this cane is no match for this (tires screeching, car horn blaring - a car grill zooming to the camera).