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AT Connects Talent with Opportunity

Descriptive Transcript: AT Connects Talent with Opportunity

Video: A businessman in a power wheelchair speaks with another person in the hall. A woman holds an open book under equipment that enlarges text on a computer screen.

Announcer: When employers hire jobseekers with disabilities, technology connects talent with opportunity.

Video: A man at a workbench, puts a drill through a loop hanging from the ceiling and works on a project. A woman writes with a device that grips her pencil.

Announcer: It’s easy. DRS helps you match qualified workers with jobs you need to fill.

Video. Woman uses a device strapped to her hand to tap on a keyboard and manipulates a buttons on a large mouse pad. A man talks to his computer to do his work.

Announcer: Technology maximizes their performance.

Video: A woman in an office uses sign language to communicates with another woman via computer. A woman enlarges text on a menu with a hand-held device. A cash register drawer with cash opens.

You get employees you can count on. And that improves your bottom line.

Announcer: Contact the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services at or 800-845-8476.

AT Connects Talent with Opportunity Descriptive Audio: