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Enterprising Oklahomans

Descriptive Transcript - Enterprising Oklahomans

Video: One hand transfers dollar bills to another hand. A smiling business owner who is legally blind speaks to customers waiting in line at a snack bar. Fingers type quickly on cash register keys. A woman gives change to a customer at the snack bar counter. A hand slides a credit card through a machine. The business owner stocks candy and chips in a vending machine. He trains the woman to operate a machine in the snack bar kitchen.

Announcer: Oklahoma’s Business Enterprise Program has helped hundreds of blind business owners operate excellent food service businesses.

Video: Several black and white historic photos are shown. An African-American man stands at a snack bar counter with items behind him on shelves. A sign in the background says, “Supervised by Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Blind Operator H. B. Berry.” Another photo shows a man and woman stand behind a counter with a cash register and items for sale. The last photo is a sign that says “OKLA. COMMISSION for the BLIND Provides EMPLOYMENT for the SIGHTLESS.”

Announcer: Good jobs. New taxpayers. Serving the public in government buildings for eighty years.

Video: The business owner man walks outside. He and a woman talk and laugh behind the snack bar counter. He signs a check. The man speaks on camera outside.

Matt Jones: I’m just really glad to be working again and providing for my family. For me, the Business Enterprise Program is not just a job. It’s my life.

Announcer: Visual Services and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services. 405-523-4800.

Enterprising Oklahomans Descriptive Audio