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We Make Life Easier

Descriptive Transcript: We Make Life Easier

Audio: Experience shows us there's more than one way to get the job done. If you have a disability that makes it tough to get or keep a job, DRS can help. It could be new technology or doing things a different way. The solution could be easier than you think. Ask the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services about Assistive Technology. Go online at or call 1-800-845-8476.

Video Description: A senior man in a wheelchair rolls past farm equipment. A hand moves a mouse. A woman’s face appears on a screen. A young man in a wheelchair quickly uses a ramp to enter a van. Wheels on a ramp fill the screen. A woman at a desk turns to face a computer screen. Equipment lifts a man in a chair to the seat of a tractor. We look over a woman’s shoulder at large text on a computer screen. She smiles and laughs. The man rises on the chair lift to the tractor seat. The tractor drives forward. We see another man’s face. The man is driving a vehicle. The camera moves down to show his hand on the gear shift. DRS logo. Opening Doors to Opportunity, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, 1-800-845-8476.