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Business Services Program

Descriptive Transcript: Business Services Program

Mitch Stubenhofer, Senior Director of Operations, Oklahoma City Dodgers: Do you need to hire skilled employees who really want to work?

Brenda Burgess, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Southwestern Oklahoma State University: Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services can help!

Roger Vance, Manager of Laboratory Services, OSU Medical Center: Get tax incentives.

Brugess:  And Free training.

Stubenhofer: It makes sense to hire an Oklahoman with a disability. 

Vance: And if you need help, DRS has your back!  

Burgess: Connect with DRS Business Services Program. 

Vance: They are READY to serve you.

Voice over: 1-833-OKDRS4U or

Image of DRS Logo.