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Entitlement to Taxpayer

Descriptive Transcript: Entitlement to Taxpayer

Graphic of the state of Oklahoma with pictures of people with disabilities working.

A female nurse walks into a patient's room.
(Anncr) More Oklahomans are getting off Social Security disability and going to work than ever before. They get help from DRS.
And taxpayers save more than $15 million dollars every year.

A businessman in a wheelchair talking with a woman in an office.

Businessman: "DRS helped me train and get paid for the work I do..."

Nulse: " I don't need a disability check anymore."

An instructor in a classroom: "And now I'm a taxpayer rather than someone on disability benefits."

(Anncr) If you get disability benefits and want to work, call the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services:
1-866-882-4515. Together, we make it happen.