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Dream Big 2021 - Transition

Descriptive Transcript: Dream Big 2021 - Transition: School to Work

[A young man in a restaurant in a uniform]

Man #1: My name is Dee,

[same man in hip clothes standing in front of nice house and Tessla]

Man #1: and I dream big.

[A young woman is a large room with chairs around, wearing a Mercy uniform and a badge. DRS logo appears on the screen]

Woman #1: I need a good job to get what I want, so I signed up for DRS Transition.

Man #1: Are you a teen with a disability?

Man #2 using American Sign Language: Get free career counseling.

Woman #1: Work experience.

[A young woman who is visually impaired outside on the sidewalk in a wheelchair waving handfuls of money]
Woman #2: And a paycheck!

Man #1: DRS Transition helped us get ready for life.

Woman #1: DREAM BIG!

Man #1: DREAM BIG!

[DRS logo with phone numbers and website sliding in]
Voice over: Contact the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services. 800-487-4042 or