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Ticket to Work: "Hand Up"

Descriptive Transcript: Ticket to Work: "Hand Up"

Note: This video is a mix of live-action of people with what looks like a pencil-drawn background.

Video: A man in a suit and tie stands in front of a building with U.S. and Oklahoma flags.

Announcer: Oklahoma employers can get cashback --

Video: Drawings of dollar bills stack up in the smiling employer’s hand.

Announcer: "-- lower employee turnover -- "

Video: Six employees performing various office tasks. One answers the phone. One writes on a clipboard. One files paperwork. Another uses a copier. One uses a computer and two discuss a document.

Announcer: "-- and major tax breaks for hiring qualified workers with disabilities."

Video: A drawing of a document titled "tax bill" breaks in half and disappears.

Announcer: "They become taxpayers. You get good people who really want to work."

Video: The employer stands in the middle of 10 employees. The camera goes by each employee.

Announcer: "And the Department of Rehabilitation Services does the paperwork."

Video: A woman seals a large envelope and puts it in a mail basket.

Announcer: "Give somebody a hand up — not a handout."

Video: DRS logo with "Opening Doors to Opportunity" and "Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services."

Announcer: "Contact Ticket to Work. 866-882-4515 or"

Video: 866-882-4515 or