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Dream Big - Transition: School to Work

Video shows a young man holding a white cane. The background appears to be notebook paper with Big plans, 1. cool job, 2. freedom, 3. my own place written on it.

He says "I have big plans for life after high school."

A young woman in a wheelchair, against a background with the notebook paper that has a doodle of college diploma. She says "I'm going to get my college degree."

A second young man with a cochlear implant in front of a notebook paper background with a drawing of his company building. He says "I want to start my own company and help other people succeed."

First young man, smiles and laughs on camera with a piggie bank drawn on the notebook paper. He says "I need a good job to get what I want."

The background changes to say DRS plus you equals success. First young man continues "So I signed up for the DRS Transition program."

The second young man says "They helped me get a great job and improve my skills for the future."

The young woman says "They helped me believe in myself and my abilities."

(Announcer) Are you a high school student with a disability?

Call the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services at 1-800-487-4042.