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First Option

Note: Eight different video images move on the screen at the same time.

Announcer: "Every child deserves a GREAT education."

Video: Students using microscopes, teachers and students signing, writing in blanks on a form, young teens smiling, boy with thick glasses.

Announcer: "The School for the Deaf in Sulphur and School for the Blind in Muskogee offer challenging academic programs"

Video: Fingers reading braille, text overlays for printed text, students playing musical instruments.

Announcer: "-- AND customized training."

Video: Boy and girl walking, large group playing basketball, signing in class.

Announcer: "Students can attend class on campus. Or we bring assistance to your local school."

Video: Students eating lunch, shooting pool, seated and bouncing on large balls in a gym, walking in the halls, studying, playing video games.

Announcer: "Our students have FUN and they GET READY for college work and a bright future."

Video: Students working at a restaurant, sewing on a sewing machine, chopping celery, making a bed, getting an eye exam and walking with an adult.

Announcer: "Don't let hearing or vision loss limit your child."

Video: Teacher with students in a circle, using a braille writer, signing in class, close-ups of faces.

Announcer: "Call 800-845-8476."

Video: DRS logo with text "Opening Door to Opportunity" and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services and 800-845-8476.