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Why We Came

Descriptive Transcript: Why We Came

Young girl: I love to read!
High School boy: I’m the quarterback!

Various students: The Oklahoma School for the Blind and the Oklahoma School for the Deaf have high academic standards, outreach programs and free specialized training. Stuff we can’t learn anywhere else! Find out more, call the School for the Blind at 1-877-229-7136. Call the School for the Deaf at 1-888-685-3323. Brought to you by the Oklahoma Department for Rehabilitation Services.

Video Description: The public service announcement shows multiple images that look like a scrapbook with text and graphics on the pages. 

Screen #1 shows several images of a young girl. A video of her says, “I love to sing!” 

Screen #2 shows an OSD football player. A video of him says “I’m the quarterback!” 

Screen #3 shows images of fingers on braille, a trophy, OSB cheerleaders, and a teenage boy with sunglasses and a white cane who says “The Oklahoma School for the Blind.” 

Screen #4 shows a young student with glasses, a cheerleader, a young girl and young boy signing, and a teacher and student playing a card game in a classroom with the words “The Oklahoma School for the Deaf.” 

Screen #5 shows students in a science lab, a student looking through a microscope lens, a teacher and four students with braille typewriters, fingers typing on the braille typewriter and a video of a student who says “high academic standards.” 

Screen #6 shows an adult giving a student an eye exam, a girl making a bed, male students studying in the library, an OSD cheerleader, a boy and girl walking, a girl working at a pizza restaurant, students playing basketball with the words “Outreach Programs.” 

Screen #7 shows an adult training a student to walk with a cane. A student wearing sunglasses closely reading a computer screen. Two students in chef hats preparing food and hands cutting celery. Two students with a teacher in a computer lab and a student in sunglasses who say the words “Specialized Training”. 

Screen #8 shows an OSD cheerleader signing, two cheerleaders performing, OSB band students playing horns, a student using an iPad and braille device, fingers reading braille on a keyboard, a teenage girl with glasses and the words “Just for Us.” 

Screen #9 shows OSB Jazz Band students playing horns, a young girl waving a sheet of paper, fingers reading braille, a boy with sunglasses and a video of a teenage girl who says words that also appear on screen: “Call the Oklahoma School for the Blind at 1-877-229-7136.” 

Screen #10 shows a boy with a hearing aid, a teacher helping a student write on the white board, a girl signing in a classroom and a student who signs, “Call Oklahoma School for the Deaf at 1-888-685-3323.” DRS logo. Opening Doors to Opportunity, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.