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Complaint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A complaint is a suspected violation of Oklahoma’s licensing requirements governing the operations of licensed child care programs, family child care homes, residential facilities, children’s shelters and child placing agencies. Child Care Services only has authority over those matters that are governed by either rules or statutes covered under the Child Care Facilities Licensing Act or other Oklahoma Law related to children in care outside of the home.

Anyone with knowledge or concerns about a suspected non-compliance may file a complaint. Most complaints are filed by a parent or guardian, family member, friend or facility staff member. 

If you do not give your name or a contact number and the complaint does not include sufficient information, the Department may not be able to conduct an investigation. Complainant information is confidential unless court ordered.

A Licensing Specialist reviews the information to determine non-compliance with licensing requirements, and then conducts an investigation. A determination will be made as to whether there is evidence of a non-compliance of the child care requirements. If allegations are substantiated, the Licensing Specialist will request a plan of correction.

The Licensing Specialist assigned to the complaint may conduct observations; review records; conduct interviews with child care staff, families, community agencies and other witnesses; and obtain reports from other agencies.  Children are interviewed only when appropriate.  All named parties in the complaint will be contacted for an interview.  An investigation of a complaint may also result in a complete monitoring visit being conducted at the program.

If you want to know the results and you provide a way for us to contact you, we may provide you with information regarding the findings.  Otherwise, once the investigation is complete you may see the results by doing one of the following:

  1. Review the public file at the county office.
  2. Review the information in the compliance file at the program.
  3. Check the Child Care Locator, however only substantiated findings will be located here. 

You may submit a written complaint by mail, email or fax to any Child Care Services staff or Licensing Office.  You may call to speak to the Licensing Specialist responsible for the county where the program is located to make your complaint over the phone. Or you can complete our online complaint form, Licensing Complaints(This form will be automatically sent to Child Care upon completion.)

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