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Child Care Advisory Committee (CCAC)


On September 12, 1962, the first child care advisory committee meeting occurred to discuss development of a licensing law, minimum standards for child care, and the purpose of the child care advisory committee.  The Oklahoma Child Care Facilities Licensing Act (10O.S.§ 401-410), passed into law in 1963, requiring child care facilities in Oklahoma to be licensed by the state. 

The law requires an advisory committee of child care facilities representatives, from a variety of child care programs and related experts from other agencies and various associations, to assist and advise the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS), Child Care Services (CCS) in the development and maintenance of minimum requirements and desirable standards. The field of child care is always evolving and in 2012 new legislation was enacted expanding the duties of the Child Care Advisory Committee to form a Peer Review Board to participate in the Child Care Services grievance process and mentor child care programs upon request or as referred by Child Care Services. The 25 member committee, meets four times a year, listens to suggestions and concerns from the child care field, and acts on their behalf.  Guest are welcome to attend.

Last Modified on Jun 12, 2024
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