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Oklahoma Child Care Services - Providing Oklahoma with Quality Child Care

Welcome to Oklahoma Child Care Services Our mission is to assure Oklahoma families have access to licensed, affordable, high-quality child care where children have the opportunity to develop their fullest potential in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. It is the declared purpose and policy of the Oklahoma Child Care Facilities Licensing Act [10 O.S. § 401 through 410] to ensure maintenance of minimum standards for the care and protection of children away from their own homes, to encourage and assist the child care program to attain maximum standards, and to work for the development of sufficient and adequate services for child care. Child Care Services' responsibilities include:

  • developing minimum requirements for the care and supervision of children cared for in child care programs;
  • assisting child care providers in achieving maximum standards;
  • providing continuing technical assistance and consultation to the program;
  • developing sufficient and adequate programs for child care in the community;
  • issuing licenses based upon compliance with minimum requirements;
  • investigating complaints received against child care programs; and
  • taking corrective action as authorized by the Oklahoma Child Care Facilities Licensing Act and stated DHS policy based upon non-compliance with minimum requirements. 

Child Care Services (CCS) would like to hear from you! 
Your feedback is important to us. We want to know how valued you feel your work is, and how satisfied you are with the help given by CCS. 

 Your answers and comments are strictly confidential and will be combined for our final results. Please feel comfortable to be candid in your responses. If you have any suggestions on how we can best respond to a concern, note that as well. 

We appreciate your dedication to the profession and to the children and families of the State of Oklahoma. We look forward to better meeting your needs in the future.

Child Care Subsidy Rate Hearing The Child Care Subsidy Rate Hearing will be held on March 23, 2020 at 10 am in RM C-48 at the Sequoyah Building 2400 N Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City OK. Upon approval from the Rates Committee, the subsidy rate increase will take effect April 1, 2020. The Rate brief and amounts are listed here and here

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