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Child Care Services Licensing staff strives to provide information and resources to support licensed child care centers and family child care homes in the delivery of quality early care and education.  To review the monitoring summary of your child care program use the Child Care Locator - Summary of Program Monitoring. 

Search for people who are restricted from working in Child Care using the Child Care Restricted Registry (Joshua's List).



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The Criminal History law of the Child Care Development Block Grant Act of 2014, prohibits any individual from ownership (or responsible entity), employment, having access to children or residing in a program if any of the following circumstances apply: • Refuses to consent to a criminal background check
• Knowingly makes a materially false statement in connection with the background check.
•Required Registration under the Sex Offenders Registration Act, including state and national repositories.
•Required Registration under the Mary Rippy Violent Crime Offenders Registration Act.
• Pleas of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest), or convictions of felonies involving
• Murder
• Child abuse or neglect
• Crime against children, including child pornography
• Spousal abuse
• Crime involving rape or sexual assault
• Kidnapping
• Arson
• Physical assault/battery
• Drug-related offense in the preceding 5 years
• Pleas of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest), or has been convicted of a violent misdemeanor committed as an adult against a child, including child abuse, child endangerment, sexual assault, or a misdemeanor involving child pornography. 

Criminal Background Investigations and Fingerprinting Processes for Licensed Child Care Programs The following resources are available to assist with understanding the fingerprinting process.
Please review these resources before contacting the Office of Background Investigations or your licensing specialist for clarifications.
Training DVD - The Overview of Fingerprinting: Process and Procedure

The following publications are provided online:

The following resources are provided through the links below:

Criminal History Review Results Page (CHRRP)
The CHRRP is a provider portal allowing authorized recipients to have immediate access to criminal history review results from the Office of Background Investigations (OBI). The CHRRP will provide access to incomplete, preliminary, complete and RAP Back results as the OBI completes the requests.
Contact the Office of Background Investigations office for more information.

Abuse & Neglect— If you Suspect it, Report it!

Report Child Abuse and Neglect

Report Human Trafficking 

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