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Choosing Child Care For a Child with Special Needs

Choosing child care

Do you have a child with a special need? Do you struggle to find child care that will accept and meet the needs of your child? If so, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) wants to assist you in your search for quality child care for your child.

Look for the License

Oklahoma state law requires OKDHS license any person who provides care for a non-relative child outside of the child's own home. This license is issued based on the facility meeting minimum requirements that are essential to the health and safety of the children in care.

Reaching for the Stars is an OKDHS initiative designed to assist parents in identifying quality child care facilities. These facilities receive up to a three star rating if they meet additional criteria such as increased provider education, parent involvement methods, arranged learning environments, and substantial compliance with licensing requirements.

For assistance in finding child care, contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral agency at 1-888-962-2772 or use the Child Care Locator.  

Look for Inclusion

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. In most instances, this law applies to child care programs. A child care facility cannot deny enrollment or services to your child because your child has a special need. A quality child care program will discuss with you any necessary accommodations your child may require. They will also find ways to include your child in their daily routine.

Look for Resources

If you have difficulty paying for child care, you may qualify for child care assistance through OKDHS. A higher Special Needs reimbursement rate is available to providers who care for eligible children who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, services from the SoonerStart program, or Special Education Services through the public school system.

You can contact your local OKDHS office to apply for child care assistance or get additional information from the Benefits section of our Web site.

Use the Child Care Locator/Summary of Program Monitoring to view a summary of program monitoring reports for your a child care program or to search for quality child care in Oklahoma.  View the Child Care Locator Fact Sheet.

For Additional Assistance in locating Child Care, contact: Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness.

Last Modified on Apr 29, 2024
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