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Quality Checklist

Print this checklist and take it with you when you visit child care programs. It will help you notice important things about the place where your children will spend their days.


YES NO Is the program approved as a one, one star plus, two or three stars program by OKDHS?
YES NO Are there enough teachers to respond to my children's needs?
YES NO Is the caregiver trained and experienced?

The Place

YES NO Are there different places for different activities?                                  
YES NO Is the outdoor play area safe and interesting? 
YES NO Do I hear happy children's voices? 

Do the Caregivers ...

YES NO Seem patient with children and responsive to their needs?                
YES NO Enjoy playing and talking with children?
YES NO Answer my questions?


YES NO Is there quiet and active, inside and outside play time?                       
YES NO Are toys and other materials available for my child to use?

Is there no or very limited TV time?

Parent's Role

YES NO Can I visit my child's class at any time?                                                  
Last Modified on Apr 30, 2024
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