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Alternative Fuels Advisory Committee

The Alternative Fuels Advisory Committee meets regularly to handle the duties allocated by statute (40 O.S. § 142.6), including assisting and advising the Commissioner on matters relating to the formulation of rules and standards in accordance with the Alternative Fuels Program Administrative Rules.

These meetings are open to the public under the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.  The Advisory Committee members welcome your attendance. If you wish to address the Board at one of these meetings, please contact Janet Deveny-Edwards at (405)521-2612 to have your name placed on the agenda for a specific meeting.


2023 Agenda Minutes Handouts
January 12 Agenda Minutes Handout
February 7 Agenda Minutes  
April 4 Agenda    
August 8 Agenda    
October 3      
December 5      


2022 Agenda Minutes Handouts
February 1 Agenda Minutes  
April 6 Agenda Minutes  
May 4 Agenda Minutes  
June 7 Agenda   Handout
August 2 Agenda Minutes Handout
September 14 Meeting Notice Minutes Handout
October 4 Agenda    
December 6 Agenda    


2021 Agenda Minutes Handouts
February 2 Agenda Minutes  
April 6 Agenda Minutes Handout
June 1
Agenda Minutes Handout
August 3
Agenda Minutes Handout
October 5
Agenda Minutes  
December 7
Agenda   Handout


2020 Agenda Minutes Handouts
February 4 Agenda Minutes  
April 7 Cancelled    
June 2** Agenda   Handouts
August 4 Agenda    
October 6      
December 1      

**Please note that the June 2, 2020 meeting will be held at ACCO – (Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma) 429 NE 50th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Minutes are approved during the next board meeting and then added to this site.


Committee Members

Member Commissioner Appointed Term Expires

Jeff Twiehaus, Chair
CNG Position

City of Oklahoma City

Leslie Osborn


Richard Bailey
CNG position


Leslie Osborn


Mark Bumgarner
Alternative Fuels Technician

Pressure Solutions

Leslie Osborn


Craiton Cooper
Electric Vehicle Industry

Clean Fuels Institute

Leslie Osborn


Adam Ellis
Electric Vehicle Industry

Technology Center - Broken Arrow Campus

Leslie Osborn


Charles Lawson
CNG position

Francis Tuttle CareerTech, Rockwell Campus

Melissa Houston


Randal McGrew
LPG position

Oklahoma Liquefied Gas

Melissa Houston


Last Modified on Sep 13, 2023
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