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Seat Belts

Wearing a seat belt is the #1 most effective way to prevent serious injuries and death from car crashes. Although over 85% of Oklahomans regularly buckle up, more than half of individuals killed in passenger vehicles and pickup trucks in 2021 were unrestrained.

Proper restraint is particularly critical for children. Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of child deaths, but many can be prevented by safely securing children before every trip.

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) and its statewide partners work to educate Oklahomans about the importance of buckling up and the state laws regarding seat belt use and child restraints. One way OHSO accomplishes this task is through the national mobilization campaign, Click It or Ticket. You can learn more about it by visiting the Mobilizations page.

Oklahoma Laws

Wearing seat belts is the single most effective way to prevent serious injuries and save people from dying in car crashes. According to the NHTSA, seat belt use in passenger vehicles saved nearly 15,000 lives in 2017.

Buckling up is one of the safest choices drivers and passengers can make. In Oklahoma, buckling up is also the law according to the Oklahoma Mandatory Seat Belt Use Act. With this law:

  • Drivers can get pulled over solely for not wearing your seat belt.
  • Both driver and front seat passenger must wear seat belts at all times.

If cited for a seat belt violation, expect to pay a fine. But the true cost for not wearing a seat belt could be your life. Buckle up, every trip, every time. 

Oklahoma law requires every child 8 years old and younger to be properly secured in a child passenger restraint system. Follow these guidelines to keep children safe:

  • 0-2 years: By law, children under 2 must be properly secured in a rear-facing car seat.
  • 2-4 years: Must be in a car seat until age 4
  • 4-8 years: Must be in a car seat or child booster seat until at least age 8, unless the child is taller than 4’9”.
  • 8 years or taller than 4’9”: Should wear a seat belt.

Regardless of age, the back seat is always the safest place for children. Buckle them up, every trip, every time. It’s the law.

Learn the Oklahoma seat belt laws, including requirements, exemptions, fine costs and municipal ordinances here.

Last Modified on Dec 11, 2023
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