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The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) compiles all crash data from the state’s law enforcement agencies. If you are a media representative covering a crash within a particular area, you may request crash data from OHSO.

Please note: These numbers are typically one calendar year behind. While you’re welcome to request data from the current calendar year, the information may be preliminary and/or incomplete.

OHSO’s Communications Manager handles all media relations for the agency, including ENDUI, OkieMoto and its other programs, also acting as the Public Information Manager and reporting to the OHSO Director.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s Legal Division manages requests for entire crash datasets in accordance with all applicable laws.

If you have a media inquiry for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol or the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, please contact Sarah Stewart, the Director of Media Operations.

To request copies of crash reports, please click the link below and complete the appropriate form.

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Last Modified on Dec 20, 2023